Have you heard of a peculiar skin condition that develops into deadly cancer? Melanoma is that type of skin cancer which develops on various parts of your body when the cells that impart tan to your skin start growing beyond a controllable limit. The melanocytes could go on to be erratic if the skin cancer takes its initial form and spreads over time. Of all skin cancers that have been listed in the medical records, melanoma is said to be the least common one. And that also makes this form of cancer deadlier because it could keep spreading all over your body if not diagnosed and treated at the right time.


More About Skin Cancers

Epidermis falls prey to the first attack of skin cancers, and all three types of cells in this layer can get affected badly. The squamous cells are the flat cells that are present on the upper part of the epidermis. It keeps shedding over time when the new one forms. Basal cells constitute the lower part of the epidermis, and they keep dividing to form new cells that replace the squamous cells. These then move up over the epidermis to become the flat squamous cells. Melanocytes make the brown pigment for the skin and protect the deeper layers of the skin from any harmful effect of the sun. The basement membrane is the layer that separates the epidermis from the deeper layers. These barriers are damaged when skin cancer grows through them to become highly advanced.

Melanoma Skin Cancers

Also known as cutaneous melanoma and malignant melanoma, this type of cancer starts developing in the melanocytes. Most melanoma tumors would be black or brown because the cells keep producing melanin. When this production is hindered by cancer, the melanomas can appear as tan, white, or pink spots. Although melanoma can develop anywhere on the skin, the torso is the part of the body where this type of cancer is likely to appear first. Other common sites of melanoma are the face and the neck. Melanoma may not affect these common sites in the darkly pigmented skin.

However, they can see signs of development on the soles of the feet, under the nails, or on the palm. Melanoma of the skin is the most commonly occurring one, but it can also form in other parts of the body such as eyes, genitals, mouth, and anus. The most benign form of skin tumor that develops from melanocytes is a mole, a spot that almost everyone has from birth. Although many of the moles are harmless, some can appear as a sign to the development of melanoma skin cancer. Spitz nevus is a type of mole that is likely to form on the bodies of children and teens, and it resembles melanoma. In most cases, these tumors do not spread and stay benign. However, even doctors find it difficult to identify these; so, it is better to be removed to be on the safer side.

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